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RIO Products WebsiteThe one common thread amongst all fly fisherman and women I have ever met is that we all have an insatiable appetite for more knowledge about fly fishing (and fish). I'm not even mentioning fly tying here because that is a whole other beast. But even if the knowledge learned is a revelation or simply a small tip that makes a task easier and thus fly fishing is more enjoyable we all soak it up like a sponge.
Lucky for us many of the manufacturers of the gear we use are feeding this appetite with all sorts of information about their products as well as how to use them. One such company that has really focused on us folks standing in the water is RIO. I make no secret of the fact that I love RIO lines. For me, the tapers, coatings, colors and design of so may of the RIO fly lines meets my needs perfect. I will actually be writing a reviews of the RIO Smallmouth line later this week.
RIO Line SelectorGetting back to the resources for all of us at RIO, you need to head over to their web site. Take a look under the "Resources" section and you will discover all kinds of nuggets of wisdom and knowledge to help you enjoy your time with the fish. If you are in the market for a new line check out their "Line Selector" (which has been around for a number of years in various versions). Take some time selecting various lines for different types of fishing and read into why the lines they suggest are the correct lines. This will really help you understand the mechanics behind each line and in the end your casting/fishing. Make certain you take a look at the pages on "Fly Line Technology" and "Fly Line Features" and think about the lines you have selected and how they apply to your fishing. You will be surprised at what you do not know or haven't thought of. The RIO line selector is particularly educational if you are new to two handed, loosely referred to as "Spey", casting. There can be a lot of confusion surrounding Spey, Scandi and Skagit lines and casting. Not to mention all of the specialty lines out there for two handed rods.
RIO has wasted no time in taking advantage of the fact great videos can be made really cheaply these days. They have an entire section devoted to videos. There are videos about their various fly lines, how the lines are made, the different technologies that go into the lines and there is even a great video on cleaning your fly line. Incidentally, the fly line cleaning process works on other fly lines as well. Not just RIO. That's just the extent they go to educate us fly fishing folks. Seriously though, cleaning a fly line is one of the most asked questions I receive at FlyMasters from customers. I have been pointing customers for the last couple years to these videos on line cleaning, that's how good they are.
RIO also has their own blog with articles ranging the entire spectrum of fly fishing. There are lots of articles on tr–t fishing and even one on bass fishing. Keep in mind there are many fishing techniques that apply to coldwater species that can easily be applied to warmwater fishing. The blog has a number of well known people in fly fishing circles writing articles for them. Barry & Cathy Beck, John Barr, Mike Lawson, Lani Waller, and Brian Chan to name a few. All of these people are also on Team RIO, which is quite an impressive line up.
RIO Products
My own bias aside, RIO has some great products and their appreciation and concern for their customers really shows through when you look at the resources section of the website. One thing you can do to stay up to date on all of the changes and additions to the resource section is sign up for their newsletter. Go to the website and scroll down to the bottom. You ill see a text box for you to fill out with your email address to join. 
I will leave you here with Part 1 of the Fly Line Cleaning video. This should wet your whistle. You can then head over to the resource section to view the other half. – Enjoy.