Greetings Warm Water Chronicles readers!

We apologize for the lapse of content; someone lost the keys to the website and it took awhile to get a new set of keys cut.  Anyway, the new keys were delivered and we'll be back to posting soon, really, really soon!

There haven't been a lot of changes at WWC; but there have been a few.  While the new keys were being cut, someone left the door unlocked and let a new person in.  This new person will be helping with posting and updating. Just a reminder to our loyal followers, always double check that the door IS locked!

We did appear at The Great American Fly Fishing Expo held during the Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show.  Our next appearance will be with the 3 Rivers/Fort Wayne Fly Fishing show beginning on April 2nd, 2016.  Come and see us tie!

Below is just a sample of what was being tied at the Expo a couple of weeks ago.  This is just a small sample of the fly's that were coming off the vises of Jr. and Cecil!

Please stay with us, there will be many updates coming soon!!!


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