There really is not much to say about us at Warmwater Chronicles or about Warmwater Chronicles that is not self explanatory in the name. We are all about Warmwater Fly Fishing. Here is the nuts and bolts of WWC.
Not too long ago Cecil Guidry and John (Jr.) Burke were having a conversation about the lack of warmwater fly fishing information in the popular magazines and shows these day (or ever). There are a number of great magazines and regular periodicals as well as books and DVDs that are published but the vast majority of them are focused on trout. Second most popular would be steelhead and salmon. Next is Saltwater and last is warmwater species. However, here at WWC, we consider Saltwater fly fishing in the same class as warmwater due to the fact the water is generally warm.
So, Jr. and Cecil decide it would be nice if someone started a new magazine dedicated to warmwater fly fishing. They even thought of a great name; Smallmouth Chronicles. 
I (Ian Anderson) have thought about the need for a great resource for warmwater fly fishing information and have been wanting to see something for years. Especially since Warmwater Fly Fishing went out of print back in 2001 (maybe 2002). I had even kicked around he idea of starting up a new online magazine with Derrick Filkins but had not gotten it off the ground yet.
As fate would have it, Jr. happened to stop by the shop on March 7th (2012) and through various conversations he mentioned Cecil and him talking about such a magazine/online publication. I agreed but suggested it encompass all warmwater species and the name would could be Warmwater Chronicles. Little did I know that was the start. The domain was secured, the plans were laid and the project was off the ground within a few days.
That is how Warmwater Chronicles got started. We are all about warmwater fly fishing, including saltwater. We have a little bit of attitude about trout fishing that comes from the historic focus on coldwater fish and the lack of attention to warmwater species. Not that we don't enjoy fishing for T—t occasionally but our heart belongs to the warmwater fish that we fish for most often.
If you would like to contact us, you can send us an email at info [at] warmwaterchronicles [dot] com. 
Feel free to send us a note about the site, a video or just what's on your mind.