Spring Has Sprung

Yes, the trees are budding leaves, Tulips are popping out and birds are chirping all over the place. However, spring has officially sprung when the panfish are hitting on the ponds. Cecil and Don Pendleton both got out and enjoyed some springtime fun this weekend catching nice Bluegill and Rock Bass. Get your gear ready…
Rock Bass on a Hellboy
Springtime Bluegill

Cecil’s Dyna-King Observations

Dyna-King ObservationsCecil just finished writing an article on the Dyna-King vises. Since he has been to a number of fly tying shows this past year, and more this year, he is noticing quite a few people favor the Dyna-King vise. This got the wheels turning and he put some thoughts to paper (cyber paper that is). Check it out in the Articles section.

Greater Cincinnati Fly Show is Soon

Greater Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show
Get out and satisfy that fishing craving by heading to Cincinnati. The Buckeye United Fly Fishers are hosting the Greater Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show on February 7th (a week from this Saturday). This is one of the most popular shows in the Midwest during the cold months. Lots of vendors, speakers, guides, lodges and fly tiers will be doing what they do best all day.
Jr. & Cecil will both be on hand tying some of their most recent creations. Also, Kevin Morlock of Indigo Guide service will be attending and doing a fly tying demonstration in the morning. Oh, be sure to tear yourself away from these guys to listen to the feature speaker Tom Rosenbauer
Not as good as stepping into the stream but should be a fun time. 

Are We That Popular… Really?

Who would have thought a lowly little fly fishing website would actually be the focus of some twisted individuals cyber attack. But, I underestimate the importance of Warmwater Chronicles. Maybe we are much more popular than I know. 
That is probably the reason someone thought to exploit a weakness in one of our plugins and use our sever to start sending out mass spam email. Fortunately, our host caught it and nothing actually left the server however it did cause them to shut down our site. Which in turn gave me the pleasure of reacquainting myself with PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL while I had to rebuild the site FROM SCRATCH! 
So, if you have visited Warmwater Chronicles in the last couple of days and were disappointed that the site was down just remember… if we weren't so popular we would be off the radar. At least that's what I tell myself.

More Winter Shows for 2015

The Indianapolis Fly Fishing Expo this weekend is just the start of the Fly Fishing and Fly Tying show season. It seems every major city has some sort of fly show going on.  If you can make it you should stop by the show in Indy this weekend, it is shaping up to be a good one. If not, plan your calendar and time for the next couple of months with the following shows in mind.

Kentukiana Fly Fishing Show

This is the 10th year the Derby City Fly Fishers have been putting on the Kentukiana Fly Fishing Show. Lots of great seminars, fly tiers, vendors and fly fishing fun.


Greater Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show

Another staple of the fly fishing show season, the Buckeye United Fly Fishers are hosting the the Greater Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show on February 7th. Another one worth taking the time to attend. 


Celebration of Fly Tying

A new show, at least new to us, the Grand River Fly Tyers are hosting the Invitational Celebration of Fly Tying on February 28th. This show is geared mostly towards fly tying. That said, it looks to be an interesting show for anyone who loves Fly Fishing.


Dally's Streamer Loverfest

This is another new event we were recently turned on to. Dally's is hosting the Streamer Loverfest on January 31st. From the post on their site Kelly Galloup is the featured speaker as well as other noted "streamer" guys. Sounds like fun.


Three Rivers Fly Fishing/Fly Tying Show

Last, but not least, the Three Rivers Fly Fishers are hosting their first annual Three Rivers Fly Fishing/Fly tying Show on March 28th. The Three Rivers Fly Fishers are in Fort Wayne and a great group of fisherman. This should be a good show.

We'll keep you up to date as to how these shows go, which ones we will attend (Indy this weekend) and anything new we hear of.