Indianapolis Fly Fishing Expo!!

In case you have not heard the news… the January fly fishing show is back in Indianapolis. The new show is called the Indianapolis Fly Fishing Expo and it is a two days show this year. The dates are January 10th & 11th of 2015.
Bob Clouser will be one of the featured speakers (bigtime warmwater fly fisherman) as well as noted fishermen Brian Meszeros, Dustan Harley, Joe Mahler, Austin Adduci, Jerry Darkes, Mike Schultz and Mike Schmidt (just a few of the notes speakers). As most shows do, there will be plenty of guides, lodges, casters, fly tiers, vendors and even a few manufacturers to keep anyone busy for a couple of days.
You can visit the show website ( or their Facebook page ( for all the details. However, the most important detail to remember is that Jr. and Cecil wil be tying on both days and our booth is the first place you need to stop!

New Flies From Jr.

Not only is fishing for bass and panfish one of the finest ways to fly fish but coming up with new flies makes the experience complete. We all have tried and true flies that we love to fish and consistently produce fish. However, when we know we have an ace in our back pocket we just have to try something new. It is this drive that gets our cognitive wheels turning. We sit down at the tying vise come up with a pattern and then hit the water with it. We see what worked or didn't and refine the pattern. Eventually, we tweak the pattern to where it becomes one of our "tried and true" patterns. Then we start all over again.
Jr.'s Micro-Mini Frog Jr.'s Micro-Mini Frog
Jr.'s Pill Popper Jr.'s Pill Popper
Jr. has to be one of the most prolific fly tiers I know. He is always coming up with something new and likes to focus on warmwater flies. He has two new patterns that he is having lots of fun fishing this summer; The Pill Popper and The Micro-Mini Frog. I will be heading out this Friday with Jr. to fish some of these flies and will have more photos of these flies in action. I might even scrape out some time for some video of the action of these flies. Regardless of how we do this Friday, we have plans to record these flies in the next week and will soon have some tying videos for everyone. 

New FlyFisher Summer 2014 Magazine

And here is another great online magazine that has just released a new issue. The New FlyFisher magazine Summer 2014 issue is loaded! Articles on creating your own leaders, Ontario destinations, the rollcast, how to fish sinking lines and some great fly tying articles. That is only the highlights. Subscribe and read the summer issue. It will make you want to head to the Great White North.
The New FlyFisher - Summer 2014

More Indiana Topwater Action

This time both Jr. and Cecil hit the water for some topwater action. Heading out to one of Jr.s favorite spots, early in the morning, the action started long before the sun was up with some topwater Crappie. This was caught on one of Jr.s [in development] floating frog patterns. As the sun came up and all through the morning hours they ended up boating over 40 bass as well as Crappie and bluegill. All on topwater. Now that is great Indiana summer fishing.
Indiana Topwater Action Indiana Topwater Action
Indiana Topwater Action Indiana Topwater Action

A Tight Loop Magazine, Summer 2014

The latest issue of A Tight Loop is now out in cyberspace. If you haven't checked out this online magazine yet you are in for a treat. If you already know it then you have probably subscribed and may have already read it. There is a great article by Tina Wolbers on invasive species (it's not just gobies and zebra mussles) that everyone should read. Plus, Scott Gobel of Wildcat Creek Outfitters has a nice photo article on Indiana. Hey, our own backyard. 
A Tight Loop - Summer 2014

Topwater Crappie

Believe it or not, you can catch Crappie on topwater flies. After 35 years of dropping flies on Indiana warmwaters I was lucky enough last summer to experience some topwater Crappie action on the West Fork of the White River. Throwing bugs I have thrown a thousand times around the same logs and for some reason the Crappie decided they wanted it.
Topwater CrappieTopwater Crappie
Jr. had a similar experience recently fishing a favorite lake he frequent (which can not be named). He was throwing a mini version of his swimming frog and started catching a bunch of crappie on the surface. However, he did have to suffer through catching some Largemouth Bass and bluegill on this new productive pattern as well. We'll have to get a video on the site soon on tying this pattern. In the meantime, your topwater flies aren't just for bass.