Skip Morris SMP


The SMP (Skip Morris Panfish) fly has been on my radar for some time in terms of doing a tying video. I have been fishing this fly for about the past 13 years and it is one of the most productive panfish flies I fish. It is such a simple fly to tie yet has endless possibilities in terms of color and material. No matter what your panfish situation you can tie up an SMP and catch fish.
The Red and Yellow are a basic standard but I have had great luck on black and chartreuse and all white. It is also a great fly for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. I have caught a number of nice smallies on an all white pattern. Plus, a white and pink is good for White Bass when they run in the spring.
Tie yourself up a few of these little flies and always keep a half dozen in your box. They may just save the day.