Jr.’s Bent Slider


Jr. has come up with another great (and easy) warmwater fly. He first got the idea while looking at floating Walleye jigs at Cabela's.  Once the wheels got turning there was no stopping until a fly was made from these pre-made bodies. The tail and hackle collar would be expected but he has found a new and ingenious way to attach the legs to the body. The end result of his research and trials is the Bent Slider.
I can attest first hand that these do indeed catch fish. I took a couple of them out to my local pond a couple of days after we shot this video and caught a number of Largemouth Bass and panfish on the Bent Slider. It rides well in the water and dives with the slightest tug of the line. A slow strip & pause retrieve works well for me on my ponds.
Hope you enjoy the video. If you need to get some of the Floating Jig bodies head over to Cabela's. Get a few and have some fun on your waters this summer.
Ian Anderson
Warmwater Chronicles