Jr.’s Foam Frog Video


We recently filmed Jr. Burke tying is well known Foam Frog. Being from the Midwest, we primarily fish for smallmouth bass. The rivers and creeks around Indianapolis are packed with smallies from 12 to 22 inches in length. Fortunately, they love to eat stuff on top of the water and frogs are defiantly on the menu.
This particular from pattern has a couple of things that set it apart. First, the body is made with rayon chenille which absorbs water. this makes the back of the frog sit under the water a little. Second, the front of the frog uses a foam disc to make the head and this helps keep that section of the frog on top of the water. The end result is a frog pattern that sits angled in the water just like a real frog would  Plus, the back rubber legs come alive at the slightest movement. 
This is a great pattern to fish on ponds, lakes, creeks and rivers. If you tie this in smaller sizes, say a six or eight, you will catch more Rockbass and Bluegill than you know what to do with.