Jr.’s HPU Weedless Sculpin Video


In case you have not heard of the new HPU Weedless Fly tying method, developed by Derrick Filkins, you are about to get a great introduction to this new fly tying technique.
Jr. took a look at Derrick's new fly tying method and decided he had a sculpin pattern that would work just perfect with this system. The general idea being that the fly is tied on the weedguard in effect making the fly the very thing that makes it weedless. So, Jr. set out to perfect this fly and get a nice video of it being tied.
As you can see, after watching this fly being tied, you can tie all sorts of flies just by varying the materials and colors a little. Sculpin are a favorite food source of all sorts of larger fish in the waters around the Midwest and this pattern will help you get your fly just where the fish live.