Cecil’s Triple H Video


Summer is the season for terrestrials. Fortunately, Cecil sat down at the vise and shared with us one of his favorite hopper patterns that he developed over the years. The Triple H is a high riding foam grasshopper pattern that is durable as well as easy to tie.
Cecil used closed celled foam in this fly so it sits high on the water and will never sink. He also incorporates a unique technique for a wing case using Ringneck Pheasant feathers.
Around here, the Triple H, in large sizes, is a great smallmouth fly when fished around grass beds, under low hanging vegetation and anywhere hoppers might get blown in the water. 
You can also tie this in smaller sizes for smaller trout streams or as a great panfish fly. The Triple H is a great fly to have in your box for those slow evenings on a hot summer day where you just want to take some fish on the surface.