Cecil’s Sparkle Pheasant Tail


Cecil has been wanting to do a video on the Sparkle Pheasant Tail nymph for quite some time. He professes that it is the "best bluegill" fly he has ever fished. 
In this video Cecil shows you the basic Sparkle Pheasant Tail Nymph as well as his version that he has had great success on. As well, he provides some history behind the fly, information about fishing the fly and other color/material variations that have worked for him. It is a simply fly to tie and one that is great for beginners. The best thing is that it works really well.
As a bonus on this video we decided to include a few "outtakes". Because it is never boring when we get together, especially if a camera is turned on and we are need to be serious, we usually end up with lots of footage that does not make it into the finished video. This time we piled up a few on the end the video. 
We hope you enjoy the serious parts and not so serious and tie up some Sparkle Pheasant Tail Nymph for you fishing season. – Enjoy.