Cecil’s Hellboy Video


Cecil sat down and tied up a few of his Hellboy flies recently and let us capture some footage of the process for the site. Anyone and everyone who fly fishes loves topwater action. Even if you are a tr–t fisherman and you love dry fly fishing you are essentially "topwater" fishing. It's a whole visual and auditory thing. For those of you who favor the harder hitting and harder fighting warmwater species there is nothing like busting the surface with a noisy topwater fly and having an aggressive fish come up from below and strike that fly like it was his last meal.
The Hellboy is a great fly for enjoying this kind of surface action. It rides high, makes just the right amount of noise and shimmies from side to side just like a wounded baitfish or frog calling out to eaten. Made primarily with 2mm closed cell foam it always floats and is easy to tie. You can easily customize this fly simply by changing one of the materials to suit your fishing needs. 
Tie a few of these up and head out to your local waters this weekend. You will be amazed at how easy they are to cast, fish and how well they produce.