Quetico 2009 Photos


In 2009 I (Ian Anderson) had the pleasure of heading back up to place I had not been in over 19 years. The Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario Canada is a wilderness area that is as primitive as it gets. No motors, no live bait and everything backed in has to come back out (with natural exceptions). Canoes and Kayaks are the mode of travel with canoes being the primary water craft. The entire area is traversed from one lake to another with all of your gear, including the canoe, packed on your back across portages.
The area that is Quetico was part of the original fur trade routes for French Voyagers. Long gone are the days of birch bark canoes but fortunately the Canadians have preserved a small slice of heaven in the Quetico. My first experience hauling canoes across land was when I was ten years old. Although I did not carry many canoes until I was about 13 I had my hands full carrying small packs and loose gear. We would head up to the Quetico every summer and sometimes my father would take my mother up for a fall trip (she would rather face colder days in the fall then the legendary mosquitos).
As I entered collage and pursued interests of the "short skirt" kind the days of my Quetico travel tapered off. I did manage to get in one more trip with my father in 1990 and that was the last in many years.
In 2008 a few friends were looking for a fishing/wilderness adventure and the Quetico fit perfect. So, in early May we headed out for North Bay on Basswood lake, one of the first parties out that year, in pursuit of big smallmouth and Northern Pike. We found both as well as some largemouth bass, Whiskey Jacks, and a "migrating" Moose. For eight days we did nothing but fish and travel the bush. It was a great trip and I recommend this part of the country to anyone who enjoys remote places.

If you would rather navigate the photos, check out the Flickr slideshow of Quetico 2009