Dun For The Ladies

Something new came out last week just for the ladies. Dun, The Magazine is a publication by women and for women. As Jen Ripple, the chief editor and ramrod at Dun, put it, "Dun is a place place for women who fly fish around the globe to unite". "Dun Magazine is a new rise in fly fishing. The only online fly fishing magazine edited by women, showcasing articles by women around the world.  We feature their unique fisheries with beautiful photography and interesting articles.  Men, submit your photo today to our 8 inchers page and don't forget to check out our page five guides!"
The articles are by women and focus on women and fly fishing. Fortunately, everyone at dun has a sense of humor and included a "8-Incher" page for men to showcase their manly accomplishments [in fly fishing that is].
The articles are from ladies all over the US and the globe. This issue has articles on Australia, Japan and Argentina as well as Wisconsin, Chicago and Rapid City. There are 140 pages of fly fishing goodness in the premier issue. When is the last time you purchased a printed fly fishing magazine with 140 pages in it? And this magazine is free.
Dun, The Magazine
Head over to DunTheMagazine.com and subscribe. Read it, read it again and then pass it along to a friend. They will be glad you did.

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