Contemporary Sportsman, Winter 2013

We love online magazines. For one thing many of them these days are written by people just like you and me. Plus, they are packed with more (and often) better content than print media. 

One of our favorites it The Contemporary Sportsman. Not just about fishing and not just about hunting and not just about both. The Contemporary Sportsman is about outdoor sporting at it's best. Not the kind of outdoor sports that include x-treme snowboarding or base jumping. This is the kind of outdoor sports and activities that lend themselves to quite and reflective moments, memories of jumping fish, flushing birds, aged whiskey and good cigars with good friends.

The winter issue that is out now contains all of this. It will take you back to days with fathers, grandfathers, uncles and brother and take you forward to your next adventure. A nice read on a snowy winter evening. 

Where's my Makers Mark?

The Contemporary Sportsman, Winter 2013

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