Catching Up on More Magazines, Dun

Another great magazine that has been out for a while. At least I caught up on this one a little earlier.
Dun, First Day of Winter
Dun Magazine, First Day of Winter (that's Winter Solstice [December 21st] for you who are not in the know) is now online and ready for your eyes. Dun is a fly fishing magazine by women for women {mostly}. Somehow Hank Patterson slipped in this issue and occasionally other members of the male half contribute. Mostly, it is all women that contribute but really it is for all. I particularly like this magazine because women are sharing their knowledge and experience in fly fishing. something this sport has needed to embrace for a long time.
So, get you a nice coffee or adult beverage and settle back for some fun and informative reading. I'll bet by the end of the magazine you will be itching to pick up the phone to go fishing somewhere new. Even if it weren't winter. – Enjoy

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