WWC Stalking Contest

We have talked about this and mentioned this since we started Warmwater Chronicles and now the time has come. It is time for our first WWC Stalking contest. If you have been keeping up with WWC then you know we changed our "Sticker Sighting" to WWC Stalking. If you are not aware take a look at "Sticker Sighting Update" for the details.
The contest is really simple. Get your Warmwater Chronicles sticker, place it somewhere cool, take a picture of it and email the photo to us at info [AT] warmwaterchronicles [DOT] com. Your name and photo will be posted on the site as well as added to the lot for a drawing for 15 hand tied poppers. Everyone loves poppers and if you are a warmwater fly fishing fan you will love these. Here is a sample of a few of the flies. I'll get better photos when I get them all done.
WWC Stalking Poppers
Here's the thing, don't worry about the photo you take because the winner is not determined by the uniqueness or quality of the photo. We simple want to see where some of our stickers end up. The winner will be chosen at random from all the folks who submit a photo. Never fear, Maggie the cat [our first stalking] will not be entered in the contest. She already has enough of my flies from my tying desk.
The drawing will be Friday August 31st. So, send us a note for a sticker and then send us the photo. Get your friends to send in a stalking photo as well and maybe they'll share if they win.

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