Winding Down The Season

For a fly fisherman, particularly a warmwater fly fisherman, this time of year is one of my favorites. However, it is a double edged sword. The fishing can be really hot, especially on streamers but there are fewer and fewer days one can get out fishing.
Things change real fast in the fall. Case in point. I was out fishing on a local river just North of where I live on Thursday October 4th. I went out at 5:00pm and wet waded for about three hours. I managed to catch some smallmouth bass on poppers as well as streamers. The water was not too cool, about 70 degrees. In fact it was fine even when I had to wade in up over my waist. 
White River October 4th, 2012   White River October 4th, 2012 Smallie on a popper
Fast forward to just last night, a week later. It is October 11th and I am fishing the same river but further down stream from the previous week. We have had near freezing temps most night. Plus a few days of cold rain and the water temps have dropped to 58 and I am getting cold even in my waders. But that was mostly my fault for wearing cotton under my waders. You would think I would know better but it seems it is something I have to relearn each year when I start wearing waders again. Anyway, I managed to catch some smallmouth bass on streamers. Didn't even try poppers.
White River October 11, 2012   White River October 11, 2012 Smallie
That is just how fast things change. A friend of mine just came back from Michigan. He was closing up his cabin on the Au Sable for the winter. It snowed on him three times while he was up there. It was snowing the morning he came back. Guess what will be following him down to us soon.
The great outdoors can look quite beautiful this time of year and the fishing can be quite good, if you hit it right. However, I am always aware that there are fewer and fewer days to our fishing season. Unless you are like me and head out for some smallmouth action in January just because you have to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Then there is still lots of time for fishing.

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