Wildcat Creek Smallies in Indiana

I finally had a chance to fish the Wildcat Creek near Lafayette this Sunday with a few friends. Keep in mind, we have had a tuff year as far as rain goes and most of the rivers and small streams in Indiana are very low. The Wildcat was no different but not as low as I thought it would be. 

I started out with some poppers and picked up some small fish with a little beetle imitation. Once I moved into some fast water I changed to a craft fur Clouser and then to a Clouser Darter. No luck with them. I knew there were fish in the water and was intentionally getting my streamers on the bottom but not getting any takers. I caught up with the other guys I was fishing with and they were planning on heading to the truck and moving to a new location. 

On the way back to the truck, Rex threw out his white Woolhead Zoo Cougar and nailed a nice smallmouth in the fast water; right were I knew there were fish.  Justin proceeded to hook into another one and Rex caught another further down stream. So, it seems mid-current was the place to be. We beat the water for a while longer before moving on. 

The fishing was tougher at the second location. Everyone managed to pick up a fish or two but the water was moving slower and much siltier. We called it a day early around 3:30pm because Justin had a two and a half hour drive ahead of him back home. Which worked out as all of our wives were glad to see us some this weekend.

Not a stellar day fish wise but a great day exploring new water with good friends. Thanks Dave for sharing the Wildcat and I would be happy to come fish it again. You can see more great photos on Pile Cast.

Rex Bringing in a Nice Smallie   Sweet Indiana Smallmouth

Filming the Release

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