What Do You Know About Penguin?

Google PenguinWe're not talking about how they might taste with Ketchup. We're not even talking about the kind that swim, eat fish and have happy feet. We mean Google Penguin
This is one of those things that not knowing might hurt you. especially if you run a blog, website or any kind of ECommerce business.Penguin is the algorithm that runs the Google search engine. The key to ranking higher in Google's search results is knowing how to maximize what the algorithm looks for.
Nick Hoover (see Help for Bloggers post) has a nice article about the next generation of Penguin, for those technically inclined, at Angling Trade. Nick points out some great tools to help you with your site. However, when all is said and done having quality content that is relevant will increase the end users experience and that more than anything will drive traffic. 
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