Tie Often, Tie Everyday

Such is Justin's moto over at Stream2Stream. He is just about half of the way through his latest fly tying project; 30 Days of Tying. A different fly everyday for the entire month of November.
From a perspective of developing your fly tying skills this is a great project to undertake. Although most of the basic skills applied in the majority of flies tied can be learned in a short time it really is one of those activities that you need to practice to get better.  If you want to see this first hand do a project such as Justin's. Or, if you have a favorite fly you like to tie or fish, challenge yourself to tie up 100 flies. Different colors or sizes maybe but tie 100 of them. 
Either route you take will show you exactly what I mean. By the time you are done you will be much more comfortable choosing feathers, applying thread, managing materials, finishing knots (with or without a tool), and even applying head cement. You will quickly find yourself doing things almost in a machine like fashion. 
Not certain if that was the goal for Justin on Stream2Stream or simply because he needed to stock up on some flies for next season. Either way, by the time he is done he will have tied up 180 flies (six for each day) and he will be even more comfortable at the vise. Way to go!
30 Day of Fly tying on Stream2Stream

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