Some Warmwater Bluegill Love

I am headed up to Michigan for some St—head action over the weekend. I know, their are coldwater fish so what the hell are we writing about it. Mostly, because all the warmwater stuff in my nape of the woods is all cold now anyway and I can not afford to head down to the Keys. Also, they are still big fish!
Anyway, getting all my cold gear together including MANY layers of cloths because the high on Friday is only supposed to be 34 degrees. Kevin Morlock of Indigo Guide Service informed me last night that they just received 16 inches of snow. That was an easier pill to swallow once I learned he did land two steelies and some br–n t–t while getting dumped on all day. That can make the cold worthwhile.
But the best thing was heading to the mail box and finding a bunch of warmwater "Year of the Bluegill" love from Cameron at The Fiberglass Manifesto. As of March 15th, TFM was having an Over Stock sale on all apparel. Now would be a great time to show Cameron how much you love warmwater fly fishing and 'Gills. Then you too can be sport a really cool 'Gill all year long!!
TFM Year of The Bluegill Love

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