Smallmouth Rendezvous What?

Most people know that the winter and spring months are the time fly fishers host, participate and attend fishing and tying shows. There are many across the Midwest and a few within just a few hours of Indy. However, there is one I was not aware of in Oklahoma. The Smallmouth Rendezvous is a tying show in Tahlequah Oklahoma that centers around warmwater fly fishing. Sounds just like the kind of place we should be.
Fortunately, Jr. and Cecil were there. They met up with some folks that attend the Smallmouth Rendezvous at the Sowbug RoundUp this past March and were invited to visit Oklahoma. So, earlier this month they packed up their gear and headed West. Jr. wrote a nice article about the trip and the experience tying for a bunch of warmwater fanatics and we just posted it in the article section. Looks like this is a show we will be at next year. Hope to see you there.

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