Smallmouth Primer

Beaver Island Smallmouth BassJust in case you were thinking that Orvis is all about "trouty" fish, think again. In recent years more and more articles and blog post are showing up on Orvis' web site concerning warmwater species. Musky, Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Carp and Smallmouth Bass are getting the attention they deserve.
If you are new to the Smallmouth fishing arena, head over to the News section of Orvis' web site for a nice Primer on Smallmouth on the fly. Phil Monahan has written a very nice article that will give you the basic 411 on chasing Micropterus dolomieu on your streams. He happens to mention that many fly fisherman (and women) think the Smallmouth Bass fight better then your average trout. I am one of those people and would rather spend a day chasing smallies than most any other fish. 

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