More Warmwater Stalking

Here are our last three (UPDATE: four stickers, almost over looked one – Thanks Brian) submissions before the drawing for the poppers. I am glad to see slickers on vehicles because that means others on the road will get wind of Warmwater Chronicles. 
Jonn Graham
Jonn Graham's truck decorations – September 12, 2012
Sharon Yoker
Sharon Yoker pimping her windows – September 5, 2012
Don Cranfill
Don Cranfill putting us with good company – September 1, 2012
Brian Schiele
Brian Schiele found a spot in the man cave.
I hope that's not a TFM sticker we are covering – August 20, 2012
Even though the contest is done (and the winner will be announced soon) keep sending in those stickers. We love to see where they end up and who has them!

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