Love Your Buddies

Got a post here I should have had up a while ago. The fact that it has taken a couple months is in no way a reflection on my appreciation for this friend but rather a reflection of just how busy life has been lately that I have not had much energy or time to get this done.
That said, you gotta love buddies who think of you while they are out of town. Scott headed up to Michigan this last fall and stopped by the Bell's brewery and picked up some swag for me. How cool. It's like when you were a kid and your parents went on a trip without you and they came home with presents for you. All emotional anguish and rejection was forgotten when they gave you cool stuff they picked up. Well maybe not that much anguish but it was still cool. And here my buddy headed out of town with his wife and brought me back some shit.
Love the shirt and sticker swag is always welcome. The coolest was the skull head bodkin. I have another bodkin Scott made for me a few years ago made out of deer antler which I use all the time. I assume this one was hand made as well and it is way cool. I think I even picked up a few "cool" points with my 19 year old daughters eyes when she saw I was hip enough to use skull shit when I tie! Hope I don't have to start getting all Emo to keep those points.
So, here is a the stuff I got out of the blue. Buddies are great!

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