Latest Warmwater Stalkings

We have two Warmwater Stalkings this week. Actually, the first one was sent in a few weeks back but somewhere in the chaos that is our summer it was overlooked. Justin, forgive us old guys that are loosing grey matter each day (even without alcohol). Justin likes to hunt Musky and our sticker looks right at home on his fly box next to his Big A– flies.
Justin Peeters' Sticker
Justin Peeters, Owatonna, MN, July 1, 2012
"Hear it is on my muskie fly box along with my 20 inch monster fly and my "skunked" fly pattern."
Gary Blank also sent us a photo of where his sticker landed. What better place than on a boat right next to an 8wt rod and a Boga grip for those toothy critters..
Gary Blank's Sticker
Gary Blank, Sandwich, IL, August 25, 2012
Keep those photos coming. Our drawing for 15 poppers is soon.

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