Last Sticker and The Winner Is…

Here we have it folks. The last sticker I managed to dredge out of my emails and Facebook. By far from the least, this one is from Darren MacEachern of Streamer365. Darren has a secret entrance to his man cave which he is trying to disguise. Glad Warmwater Chronicles can help. After checking out Derren's sticker stalking check out Streamer365. A very unique project he has undertaken this year. There are some fantastic flies on his site as well as tons of great information for those who like to tie and fish the long flies.
Derren MacEachern Dressing up the man cave entrance
Derren MacEachern Dressing up the man cave entrance – August 2nd, 2012
And now for the winner… drum roll or something like that. All the photos (except mine) where thrown in the pot and a winner was randomly selected. That winner is… Justin Peeters. Here is his sticker from July.
Justin Peeters' Sticker
Justin Peeters to help stalk Musky, July 1, 2012
Congratulations Justin. I have 15 hand painted and tied poppers and topwater flies on their way to your mailbox. You should still have some time to get out this season and give them a try. We would love to see some photos of what mouths the flies end up in.
Thank you to everyone who participated and helped spread the word this summer about Warmwater Chronicles. We have a bunch of exciting things planned for this fall so stay in touch.

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