Junior’s HPU Weedless Minnow

You just never know what will become of attending a fly fishing or fly tying show. Jr. and Cecil attended the recent Sowbug RoundUp, see Cecil's article about the event, and Kurt and Stuart from A tight Loop magazine happened to be there as well. As luck would have it, Jr. was tying his version of a Filkins HPU Weedless Minnow and Kurt decided to get a video of it.
Derrick Filkins has recently developed this new fly tying technique which has taken off all across the country. He wrote a nice article on the fly and the technique for A Tight Loop and it just came out in their April issue. Make certain you read the article (and the rest of the magazine – because it is great) and tie some of these up for the smallies this summer. Check out Jr.'s début tying video.

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