Indianapolis Fly Fishing Expo!!

In case you have not heard the news… the January fly fishing show is back in Indianapolis. The new show is called the Indianapolis Fly Fishing Expo and it is a two days show this year. The dates are January 10th & 11th of 2015.
Bob Clouser will be one of the featured speakers (bigtime warmwater fly fisherman) as well as noted fishermen Brian Meszeros, Dustan Harley, Joe Mahler, Austin Adduci, Jerry Darkes, Mike Schultz and Mike Schmidt (just a few of the notes speakers). As most shows do, there will be plenty of guides, lodges, casters, fly tiers, vendors and even a few manufacturers to keep anyone busy for a couple of days.
You can visit the show website ( or their Facebook page ( for all the details. However, the most important detail to remember is that Jr. and Cecil wil be tying on both days and our booth is the first place you need to stop!

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