Happy Father’s Day

Since we were all kids at one time or another we all know that people are unpredictable and that as kids we all "surprised" our parents a time or two. However, since we are so self oriented when we are kids we often do not see these things as a behavior outside of our norm.
When you become a parent it is amazing to see just how much your children change and grow; especially in the first few years. As they get to be adolescents they start to level off and have traits and characteristics that are more predictable. Even if you don't like some of the behaviors, they are somewhat more predictable. 
That is why when they do something you were not expecting it stands out all the more. My oldest daughter is a fantastic artist, when she puts her mind to it, and has done some beautiful [if not interesting] work in the past few years. This Fathers Day she really put those talents to use for her old man. The ink work below was done by her for me this Fathers day. This gift ranks up there with one of the best ever. Somewhere between a good fishing trip and being married to the woman who made me a father. Way better than a  tie and somewhere just shy of the two wonderful daughters I have.
Thank you Savannah and Happy Fathers Day to all Dads.

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