Great New Fly

Jr.'s Bent SliderJr. and I did some fly tying filming the other night and one of his new patterns that we will have a video of shortly is the Jr.'s Bent Slider. This quite possibly the easiest fly you'll ever tie. Look for the video in a few days as I get it processed.
Since we had a few from our tying session AND I had a few hours near my local Bass pond I decided to put the fly to the test. Jr.'s Bent Slider passed with flying colors. Right away I had many What Jr.'s Bent Slider Does!hits from various sized panfish and in no time had a Largemouth Bass on. Since it is a slider it tends to just break the surface as it dives down about an inch or so and then pop right back up when paused. There were no subtle takes when fishing this fly; each bass hit loud and hard. In all I caught about a half dozen Largemouth Bass ranging from a pound to a pound and a half in size. Definitely two hours well spent.

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