Gotta Love Stuff

It is funny how much of the "fly fishing lifestyle" is about getting away from so much of the material chains of our modern lives. However, everyone in the fly fishing "business" is all about swag. Not that I am complaining, just saying; interesting observation.

Big Pike flies as a Way of LifeI received some cool stuff this week. First, Big Pike flies as a Way of Life sent me some cool stickers and a sweet pike fly. Unfortunately, I will not be able to use it but I will be passing it on to Jr. Burke who will be headed up to the Menominee in September chasing some big Northerns. Look for a review of the fly coming.

Fly Fishing FrenzyFly Fishing Frenzy recently had a contest on their site. If you purchase a shirt from their online shop you would be entered to win a ContourRoam HD camera. I did not win but I did get a couple of cool shirts.


It's the simple things in life sometimes that put a smile on your face and make your day.

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