Frightening Future

National Ocean Council"The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!" Instead of this call to attention getting more people focused on a certain event is seems, these days, to simply be blown off. An understandable response seeing as everyone seems to be able to site some "official report" to support their assertions and in the end most people are left with a feeling of not trusting anything they hear.
I am a skeptic at heart and take most things relayed to me with a grain or more of salt. That being said, I did feel a sense of alarm when I read the recent article by Robert Montgomery on The Fishing WireIn defense of Fishing. The article focuses on the growing trend to look at recreational fishing as a bad thing. There are groups of people that think that all nature should be left alone and untouched by man. If we somehow interact with is we will screw it up. I have a different point of view that focuses on humans as being a part of nature but then I was brought up in a different time.
I mention this article because over the past three decades I see a growing trend towards just this sort of thinking that will eventually lead to the "government" telling everyone what they can an can not to on public lands. I am not tot he point of yelling out "The Sky is Falling" but if we wait to get to that point it will be too late.

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