Friends, Photography and Connections

One of the coolest aspects of running a website such as this is the connections you make with people. Obviously, we hope to reach people who have a common interest; warmwater fly fishing. However, sometimes connections are made via other avenues.
As Warmwater Chronicles develops you will find one of our major interests is photography. Video as well but photography can sometimes capture something that is lost in video. A perspective on a moment in time, if you will, that is often overlooked. Photography is something I have been developing for a while with the help of some great friends like Kevin Morlock, Steve Martinez, Matt Dunn, Gregg Stump, Scott Heeg [the hand model] and Dave Hostler to name a few. Over time we have helped each other learn all sorts of aspects of the craft and have become good friends. 
Recently, a new connection was made through fishing and unbeknownst to Jake, photography as well. Jake Hawkins learned of our site and send us an email requesting a sticker. He also sent along a photo of some recent success fishing and a link to his site, Jake Hawkins Wild Images ( In sending out a sticker for Jake I headed over to his site and spent the better part of the next 30 minutes looking at all of his photos. Wow is all I can say. Insects, flowers, landscapes, fish, mammals and just about anything that gets in front of a lens. I am inspired with new ideas for some shots just in the backyard let alone when I am on the water or vacation this summer.
Grab some coffee and treat yourself to some great eye candy [on the cleaner side of the Internet]. Now that we have a new connection, we'll keep you posted on Jake's success behind the lens and on the water. Thanks for sharing.
Jake and Friend with Recent Catch
Some of Jake recent success on the water. 
Jake Hawkins Wild Images
ake Hawkins Wild Images

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