Fly Tying in Holt

Looks like Cecil and Ian will be tying flies in Holt Michigan this Saturday. The Great Lake Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers will once again be hosting the Great Lakes Fly Tying Expo this Saturday December 1st. 
This is a great tying show here in the Midwest and usually draws some of the biggest names in fly tying. Besides Cecil and myself there are about 80 different fly tiers that come and do their stuff. Plus, there are seminars by many Midwest experts such as Kevin Feenstra, Kevin Morlock, Ann Miller and Josh Greenberg.There are a number of vendors on hand selling good as well as fly tiers selling their flies but the main focus is tying. There is even an auction in the middle of the day that usually draws a big crowd.
Take a trip to Holt this Saturday and join the fun. Hope to see you there.
13th Annual Fly Tying Expo

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