First Northern Pike On A Fly

We love it when fans of Warmwater Chronicles share some of their photos with us. Especially those of special trips, fish or times. Such is the case for Bart Roberts. Bart is with the St. Joseph Valley Fly Fishers and he took a trip to the Naknek River in King Salmon Alaska last year.
Bart's First Pike On A Fly
"I caught that Pike on the Naknek River in Alaska. We were staying at Jim Johnson's camp. I went out with two other guys after dinner that were on the Mad River Outfitters trip there (from Columbus Ohio). I caught the fish on one of Pat Kelly's baitfish musky patterns actually. We managed to put three fish in the boat and probably rolled about 10 – 12 fish total in about a 45 minute span in the slough right across from camp. It was crazy!"
This was Bart's first Northern Pike on a fly. Too bad it was such a nice one. Now all others have to measure up to this one. Great Job Bart.
Everyone else… keep the photos and stories coming.

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