Fins To The Left, Fin To The Right…

Cue Jaws theme music. Think nasty thoughts. Open up a can O' Woop Ass and now you are ready to throw the Anderson Hammerhead at mammoth carp. That's what I am planning on anyway. That's why I have been at the vise for the past few nights tying up about eight dozen of these beauties. 
School O' hammerheads Swimming to Beaver Island

School O' hammerheads Swimming to Beaver Island

2012 Project Michigan is well underway. The first step being tying of the flies. A bunch of these have already been shipped to Kevin Morlock and Steve Martinez of Indigo Guide Service and more are to come. I will be heading to Beaver Island in two weeks to fish for three days and then on to Sylvania Wilderness for about five days of BIG smallmouth fishing. Just the sort of Warmwater medicine I need.
By the way, A Tight Loop did a great video on tying the Anderson Hammerhead. Check it out on Dressed Irons.

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