Expert Advise

I am not certain if Warmwater Chronicles will eventually publish a regular "News" post or not. It is something many people do and there are some advantages to it; for both the reader and the publisher.
Where ever that ends up, it is nice to pass along good advice or even news when we run across it. So, this is about some expert advice from the Ask the Experts column on MidCurrent. Remember, all our post are geared towards warmwater fly fishing. You can read the tr–t stuff over on MidCurrent.
First up, Philip Monahan addresses the issue of Casting Heavy Flies. Most of us pursuing the bigger toothier critters are often casting heavy flies. If you are having problems with knocking yourself in the head when fishing then read this article.
Next, Philip talks about How To Set Fly Reel Drags. Another issue for us since we are often connecting with fish that can not be stripped in. Learn to let your reel do the work.
Lastly, Bill Nellums jumps into Constructing Leaders for Largemouth Bass. Usually, a much simpler task than for the "T" word fish.

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