Don’t Forget The Ponds

So often when we fly fish we head out to the moving water. Not certain the reason for it. Maybe it is the water itself. Maybe the visual structure that you cast too. Or maybe, the act of wading in the water and feeling a part of the fishing experience and not just an executioner of it. Whatever the reason, we love to cast our flies in waters that move.
However, most of us, if we are lucky, have had the pleasure of casting small flies upon the still waters of a farm pond or some other small body of water on a hot summer evening. Not worrying about the length of our leader and the X-faxtor of the tippet. Not getting strung out by a "drag free drift" of our little warmwater flies. Simply casting something fishy upon the waters and enjoying the simple joy of feeling a tug on the other end.
This is what John Burke (a.k.a Jr.) had out on a favorite pond this summer for many evenings. Jr. is lucky enough to have a friend with a private pond and has a great time catching Largemouth bass, Crappie and all manor of panfish on most any evening. Here are a couple photos of the fish he has been catching and the flies he uses. Nothing fancy, and that is the magic of fly fishing. 
With the warm days starting to wane, don't forget to get out on some local ponds while the fishing is still good. Don't be fancy. Take out a few small flies, some straight mono for a leader an have some fun.

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