Cecil, Jr. and Ian… Oh My!

Guess what happens when Cecil, Jr. and Ian all get together in the same location? Whatever it is it is bound to be eventful. Which is nothing short of what happened this past weekend at FlyMasters of Indianapolis. For three years now FlyMasters has been having an annual Crawfish boil and Crawdad fly tying class and each year has gotten better and better.
Cecil has been doing the cooking for each of these events and Ian has been doing the coordination and part of the fly tying classes. This year all was about the same except Jr. Burke showed up to cut up and help with the good times. Judging from the fact everyone would rather sit outside and eat with Cecil and Jr. in the 90+ degree weather than inside in the air conditioning it is fair to say everyone had a great time.
Plus it gave us an opportunity to get a photo of the three of us together so our friends, followers, fans and enemies can now put names to faces.
Jr. Ian and Cecil at the 3rd Annual Crawdad RoundUp at FlyMasters
Plus we managed to get some nice video footage of the event and put it together into a fairly decent show. Hope you like it.
A big thanks to Scott Heeg for the assistance during the event and Dave Hosler for the added photography. Check out PileCast.net for some great photos of the event by Dave.

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