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Being about warmwater fly fishing, it is our job to be on the look out for any and all information concerning fly fishing for non-trouty species. If you have been following any fly fishing on the internet this summer then you know Carp fly fishing is the new thing. I think I have seen more photos of carp on Facebook in the last three months than I have seen on the Internet, blogs, forums and printed media in the past five years.
We are proud to be a part of this revolution and can honestly say I was fly fishing for carp when it wasn't cool (translate that into for a long time not "that makes me cooler than you"). Be that as it may, Carp fly fishing is here to stay and a great place, other then here, to stay up on what is hot, new and exciting is the Carp on The Fly Blog.
Here at WWC, we are about all kinds of warmwater species. At Carp on the fly they are about only one; Carp. With regular updates and links to other Carp related resources, this is a place for you to bookmark for all thing Carp.
Carp On The Fly

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