Be on The Safe Side

I went fishing on the Tippecanoe River this past Sunday with some good fiends. It ended up being our first real hot (weather wise) weekend this summer as well as the aluminum hatch was in full swing. We managed to catch a fair number of smallies and even more White Bass. The White's were so aggressive one came up and grabbed Dave's fly while we were photographing another one I just caught and it took his rod and reel right over the side of the boat. The tip of the rod managed to float up about 50 feet away in a few minutes and we retrieved the rod and the fish!
The morning started off every well but after about 12:00pm the canoes and kayaks came flooding down the river and the rest of the afternoon did not fish so well. Even though the fishing was slow the various characters floating down the river provided lots of entertainment. The days activities reminded me the virtues of safety in fly fishing. I was casting Dave's Eagle Claw fiberglass rod with a big experimental Krebs streamer when the wind caught my backcast wrong and the fly ended up buried to the bend of the hook in my forearm. Lucky for me, Dave had debarbed the hook and it came right out. It never hurts to be too careful. A big thanks to Pile Cast for some of the great photos.
Always Use debarbed hooks   Fish are Slippery
Tippe White Bass   Tippe Spikes
The results of our pursuits   Mooneye
White Bass   Weapons of the day
Enjoying the day   A Well Loved Krebs Popper
Pile Cast   
Tippe Smallie   Hoosier Yacht

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