A Vise With A Mind Of It Own

I have come to the conclusion that my fly tying vise is possessed. It seems to have a mind of it's own. 
It is now fall and I should be tying a bunch of big, flashy, chunky steelhead streamers. You know the kind with lots of Australian possum because Midwest Steelies always like some strange possum. The only problem is, every time I get a hook in my vise it turns into some sort of floaty poppy thing.
I think my vise does not want to give up on summer topwater fun just yet. Even though I know the flies will not see the water until next year I guess all I can do it keep tying what my vise wants.
Topwater Popper #12 Topwater Popper #17
Topwater Popper #6 Topwater Popper #11
Topwater Popper #11
That last one definitely has some sort of Tim Burton, Mardi Gras, Vodoo thing going on. 

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