2014 Boat, Sport & Travel Show

Come one, come all…. it is time again for the annual Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show. The show is held at the Indianapolis Fair Grounds and starts on the 14th of February and runs until the 23rd. The show will encompass a lot of different outdoor activities but fishing is a big part of it and always draws a large group of people. The fly fishing aspects are in what is called the "Quiet Sport" area and since it is right in the heart of the Midwest most of it is focused on Warmwater fly fishing! Click on the image in the post or the link to find out more details. You can even purchase your tickets in advance which you should in case you are coming on the weekend. It is a great show to get out and walk and talk fishing especially during this cold and snowy winter.
Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show 2014

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