UV On the Brain

Feather BrainThere is a lot of discussion and experimenting going on these days with UV materials. a number of companies are producing products with various UV reflective and/or reactive substances to enhance the materials for your flies and lures.
I myself have not done enough research into this material to warrant an opinion, much less an article. However, there is a growing body of literature on the subject. Over on Midcurrent there is an excerpt from Drew Chicones book Feather Brained that Shines A Light on UV Materials. Very informative in that it explains what the focus of UV technology is. 
There is also a nice article by Joe Cermele over on Field and stream, "UV Lures: Fish Catchers or Just a Groovy Gimmick?", that discusses the UV technology and the lure industry. I like this article because it explains why UV even matters from a fishes perspective and how it might apply to lure/fly materials.
Spirit River is leading the way in UV2 materials and Bill Black has a couple of nice videos on the internet that explain the difference between UV and UV2 (and something called UVR) and which is better.
If you are interested in what is hot, current and the buzz in fly tying, this should give you enough information to get out and try some UV materials on your own and decide for yourself if it makes a difference.

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