SMP Video

SMPWarmwater Chronicles has just published it's latest tying video. The SMP (Skip Morris Panfish) fly is a fantastic bluegill fly. It is no coincidence that we have published a video on this particular fly. Since The Fiberglass Manifesto has declared this the Year of The Bluegill we thought it only fitting that we do a video on a great Bluegill fly. so this video goes out to Cameron and the Fiberglass Manifesto and all bluegill lovers that love to catch feisty fish on a warm summer day.
The SMP is a fantastic Go To fly for all sorts of panfish, big and small. It even catches some nice Smallmouth Bass. Tie some of these up and don't leave home without them.
Keep an eye on WWC as I will soon be posting some Bluegill photos recently caught on the SMP. Just to prove that it does work!

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