Cecil’s Triple H

We are defiantly in the long dog days of summer. The waters are low and warm, the evenings are long and the fishing is slow and consistent. Sometimes at this time of year the usual poppers and sliders do not produce as well. Sometimes you need to throw something the fish have not seen.
Lucky for you, Cecil has shared just such a fly with us. Cecil's Triple H is a fun fly to tie and produces very well in slow currents where grasshoppers fall into the water. The triple H is a great hopper patterns so even for those who like to fish for critters in colder waters can use this as a hopper terrestrial pattern.
However, it really shines as a panfish fly when tied in smaller sizes. Bluegill, Redear, and Pumpkinseeds just can't resist this fly on hot summer evening. Plus, the fly is a lot of fun to tie. Tie up a number in different sizes so you have some for any occasion.


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