White River Smallies (and clams)

Jr. and I had an opportunity to hit the White River this past Tuesday evening for some summertime smallies. The waters have been stable, as well as the weather, for the past few weeks and the fishing has been hot. The great thing about fishing Indiana streams in August is you never know what else you are going to catch.
The waters we thought would be good for smallmouth were a bust. We both caught a smallmouth in the first 10 minutes and then nothing. As the sun went down we started bringing in a bunch of sunfish and bluegills. Slowly, a few small smallmouth started coming in. As we got into what I thought would be the most unlikely water we actually caught the most smallies. Jr. managed a really nice 15 inch (or so) smallmouth as the light was drawing down. We ended up closing the night catching some rock bass and crappie. All in all, we both ended up with three species and a fine Indiana evening on the water. I caught some bluegill, smallies and crappie (on topwater, a first for me). Jr. caught some bluegill, smallies and a clam (really, really).
Because an August evenings on Indiana waters can be so unpredictable I grabbed the GoPro before we headed out to see what I could get together. Still, getting the GoPro dialed in but we had some fun. Especially when Jr.'s smallie wanted to escape through Jr.'s legs.
– Enjoy

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