Smallies of Minnesota

Our good friend Karl Glander sent us some photos and stories of the big Smallmouth Bass he is getting on his trip to the BWCA area in Minnesota.  If you have never had a chance to fish this area of the US you need to put this one on your list. The country is beautiful, full of history and fantastic fishing. As Karl will tell you.
"We were slowly moving down the bank of the North shore of Lac La Croix, my son Skip manning the trolling motor. With my Polaroid glasses I could see a submerged large rock about 30 foot ahead. I cast one of my friend, Cecil Guidry"s, Hellboy fly so that it would float directly over the rock. The bug had gotten about 3 ft. past the rock when  this dark shape slowly cruised up underneath the yellow Hellboy. I gave the bug just a slight twitch. The water exploded and after a 3 jump battle I landed  this hefty 19" smallmouth. Nice fish. Thank you, Cecil."
"This almost 20" smallmouth ate one of Junior's folded over foam mouse patterns. The bass and the mouse had a staring contest for about 10 seconds, facing each other about 6 " apart. Then I gave the mouse a little twitch. You know the rest of the story. It was a wild fish! Thank you, Junior."

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