Indiana Spring Fling

Since we do not have many of those fish that start with a "T" here in Indiana most fisherman and women do not plan their spring around that big "opening day" at the end of April. Instead, we plan our time around a unique run of fish that usually starts around the end of April and continues on through most of May.
I am speaking of the spring White Bass run up many of the rivers and creeks of Indiana. White Bass are actually a native river fish to the Midwest but with many of the rivers in our area being dammed and stocked with shad the White Bass have become a staple in most of the reservoirs. "In the spring, White Bass that inhabit impoundment make their annual spawning run up into the primary tributaries. The timing of a fishery's run is dependent upon a number of factors including water temperature and daylight hours." – Bill Butts, Fly Fishing For Springtime White Bass in The Midwest
For us around here, the run usually starts around the end of April. However, this year the run started about the end of March. The real numbers came into the rivers just recently with the water levels rising due to rain. The run usually starts with the smaller males entering the rivers and creeks and later the larger females will swim up the river. In some systems they can swim as far as 10 miles up stream. 
It is not uncommon for people to go White Bass fishing in the spring and catch over a hundred fish in just a few hours. White Bass are voracious eaters and primarily focus on shad. Most any one inch minnow imitation tied in a white, cream or yellow color with a little flash will get the job done. The fly needs to have a little weight to it, not much, in order to get down two to three feet. When you find the right "honey hole" watch out. 
A lesser know fish that is often caught among the White Bass is the Yellow Bass. Another fun fish in the Midwest. Read Bill Butts' article on The Drift for complete information about the spring White Bass runs in the Midwest.

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